Grandma Baker + Gardening = Lava Handsoap

Grandma and Grandpa Baker way back when…


But my question is, which is it?  Lava from a volcano, as I was led to believe as a child, or is it pumice-powered – which I thought was some kind of thing from the ocean – hnaging out around the coral reef?  Are these one and the same?  Have I spent my life in the dark?


The old packaging I remember…except I don’t remember it being creamy white (only in the loosest sense of the word perhaps), and what I assume is current packaging telling me it is pumice-powered.  What?!!?  Is ground molten lava not powerful enough?  What gives, I ask you?

GARDENING TIP #1:  Must buy very bright, very cute gardening gloves at WalMart for $1.99.  A really beautiful pair of garden gloves, meant to protect your hands, are an absolute necessity when facing garden chores.  Why?  Well, not to wear, because it is so much more fun to touch the hot, black soil with your bare hands and get a little dirty while gardening.  But won’t they look cute and just make you so happy when you toss them on your gardening clogs in favor of going barefoot and you look at them and think, “Wow.  I have gardening shoes AND gloves.  I am such an amazing gardener!”?  Oh, they will make you happy.

GARDENING TIP #2: For real.  Scrape your nails over a cake of soap (but probably NOT lava or pumice-powered soap) before you place your bare hands in the black soil and when you are done and wash your hands – VOILA!  No dirt under your nails.  You can be seen in public! 

GARDENING TIP #3:  But if you forget step #2, please DO use the scrubby-soap pictured above.  My Grandma Baker always had this in her bathroom (where she also apparently snuck cigarettes and I had no idea until I was grown) and using this soap is kind of like getting a hand massage.  I washed my hands a lot at her house.  A lot.

I actually just found out Lava has a gardening page on their website!

If I had a day I could give to you, I’d give to you a day just like today.  And if I had a song that I could sing for you, I’d sing a song to make you feel this way.”  John Denver, Sunshine on My Shoulders

It IS that kind of day!… Jeanie

UPDATE 5/14:  So-pumice, apparently, is more of a textural term for volcanic lava mixed with water.  I must have been absent from school that day.


See what I mean?  Happy!

NOTE TO SELF:  Go see “Oceans” tonight with Stormie and catch up on my sea world/pumice education.

6 thoughts on “Lava

  1. OK Jeanie! Now I got to tell you that I didn’t know the difference myself on thew Lava soap! But this I can tell you, This picture of your Grandma and Grandpa is one of my very favorite pictures. They both look happy which didn’t see to happen at the same time much! I love you Jeanie! “YOU GO GIRL”

  2. What GREAT tips! Tip #1- I have gloves but only use them on the thorny things. Cause I love to touch the dirt! But I must get shoes cause I alway go out in my good shoes and alway come in with mud on them. Tip #2- Love,love,love this idea. Im like why didn’t I think of that! You’re so smart. And tip #3 – a massage is alway a good thing! To me a good hand massage is alway the best massage ever.

  3. Good practicality, honey. Ah, yes, pumice, which they have started putting in Irish Spring now, didn’t discover it until after I bought the industrial sized 8 bar pack from Walmart! But nevertheless, it is great on your face. One side has the pumice and the other the regular Irish Spring, “made for a man, but I like it too” Jeanie would say that, not me of course…

  4. The soap that you mentioned…I really don’t know if I’ve ever ‘heard’ ( what ) it’s made of….but one thing I do know~~~is that “Pumice” makes it clear down through— the thickest layer of heel and big toe callouses better and quicker than anything else known to man! The pumice stone does absolute wonders. ! So my vote goes to Pumice.

  5. Pumice is a textural term for a volcanic rock that is a solidified frothy lava typically created when super-heated, highly pressurized rock is violently ejected from a volcano.

    It can be formed when lava and water are mixed.

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