La decorateurs~

It’s Wednesday morning.  Time to play school!

Guini and Gemma May have decided my home needs refreshed.  I think so, too.  It needs so much re-done I don’t even have the energy.  But I asked  their opinion anyway.


Guini color-formed the whole United States of America!

Let’s start in the kitchen.  What color should the walls be?

Guini: Pink!  Let’s paint the walls pink!  And then get purple curtains.
Me:  Purple curtains?
Guini:  Yes.  It will be pretty.
Gemma May (who has been sipping her hot cocoa and dipping her buttered toast into it): I am going to paint this whole counter yellow.
Guini: That would look good.  Then, let’s paint the table green – just like the coffee table!  Then it will look all nice.

These are definitely women after my own heart.


A little hot cocoa accident for Gemma meant wrapping up until her clothes were washed and dried.  Meanwhile, let’s play some matching games!

Dreary outside.  Lovely in.

4 thoughts on “La decorateurs~

  1. Please post pictures of the remodel! I think it would be an excellent anti-depressant. We do lots of things for the grandchildren. When I was shopping for my Mustang, Ashleigh, 2 at the time, said “Get the lellow one, Grandma.” I did get the lellow one and have loved it (and the color) ever since.

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