Just the Way You Are



Got to hang with cousins Hunter and Averi recently, which was lovely.


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And Rocky sang to Jovan for her birthday.

A Bruno Mars song.  She loved it.  His mommy may even have cried a little at the romance of such sweetness.  Isn’t it nice when we can love someone just the way they are (even if we’d tweek them a little here or there if it were up to us??}?  And isn’t it glorious beyond comprehension when some one loves us that way???

And my little Kelley-sisters-grandbebes visited


Under the canopy of yellow-leafed Aspens just beyond the patio.  We use Christmas lights in trees even in summer for magical nights under blue-blue skies.

And this is a SNEAK PEEK at some Rhoades family fun we had at the farm this weekend.  More to come!


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