Just Dandy

I spent 38.4 minutes dallying about the backyard in late afternoon.  I cleaned a little.  I re-arranged some patio furniture.  I dug up grass from the garden boxes where it is not welcomed.  I placed landscaping rocks back where they belong and not where the grand-bebes have carried them.  I discovered the Asian Lilies greening up with new growth, some self-placed Cosmos sprouting between the pathway rocks and a still-intact though flattened and quite-orange pumpkin hiding under some leaves.


And?  I dug up 3 perfectly formed, healthy and delightfully brilliant-yellow dandelions.  Because they are not allowed in the neighborhood.  But I secretly think they deserve to be.

5 thoughts on “Just Dandy

  1. Ah yes, the dandelion. I am having a love affair with yellow right now, and that picture you posted is so pretty! Maybe someday dandelions will be welcome in our yards….

    I always think it is so sweet when one of my kids brings me a dandelion! I always put them in a little cup and display them – the kids beam with joy.

    Marigolds are a good alternative to dandelions, but now you have me thinking…would it be cute to have a window box stuffed with yellow dandelions?! I’m thinking maybe…as long as they don’t spread their seeds everywhere!

    1. It would be the discipline to NOT allow them to get to seed before removing them…don’t know if I have it. Can you imagine what the neighbors would say when a big gust of wind would come along and pouf! They float across the fence!?!

  2. Just had a moment to catch up on my favorite blog…read the last four posts and loved each one. I too am needing to pay attention to my yard but it still has snow in it. Love the chalkboards as you well know. Just finished spending 8 hours decorating the three huge walls I painted with homemade chalkboard paint at our new church. Each children’s class room has a wall they can draw on and I can decorate with their logos and such (I’ll try to send pictures soon). I hate frying bacon…it makes the house smell funny for too long. I really think Billy Mayes would sell more if he shaved. Just a thought. Any yes…he is annoying!

    It was just easier to comment on one blog about all the others I read. As usual, I am in a hurry and I want to blog myself today.

    Love you, Jeanie.

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