Jumping Ahead

Daylight Savings Time.

I prefer to think of it as jumping ahead, or springing forward rather than “I’m losing an hour.”  I actually like to get where I am going as early as possible, so this works for me.

But as for “saving daylight?”   Like manna, you get what you get in a 24-hour period.  You can’t really save daylight.  You just get what you can use today.  Tomorrow there’ll be more.

1 thought on “Jumping Ahead

  1. I’m still going to work in the dark though…
    I woke up at 4am this morning, a sometimes usual time, but really it was 3am! Not my usual time. I hit the treadmill anyway but then had to come back to bed. So… did I gain? I think not! Curses on clocks and schedules!

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