Jeanie & Julie & Julia

I saw the movie again last night, for the second time, Julie and Julia.  And here is what I know: I will never be Julia Child, for I truly am one of those people who, though loving the fine meal, the meal that takes hours to prepare, will not use her time for that.

But I defy anyone to improve upon my lunch today.

From my garden: tender, young green beans, stir-fried with crushed garlic and barely salted, the savory flavor of them rivaling a fillet mignon.  A purple bell pepper sizzled into submission in extra-virgin olive oil.  Thick, perfectly round slices of zucchini browned to a caramelized sweetness, and seasoned just-so, so delectable it is hard to believe it is not a sin.

Accented by imported Greek Kalamata Olives, which have been soaking in olive oil and red wine vinegar just long enough, and a thick, soft chunk of cave-aged blue cheese cut from a hand-made wedge, which has been cured to its full potential, the blue veining a work of tongue-tingling art (and some sort of chemical reaction to the penicillin they use in its’ creation).

You would be hard-pressed to find a meal anywhere as delicious and beautiful as this for any price.  And done in 10 minutes, start to finish.

Had I added  tomato,   I fear it might have been too much heaven.

Favorite quote from Julie & Julia:  I could blog.  I have thoughts.

Loving the late-summer harvest…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Get another hobby besides food.

2 thoughts on “Jeanie & Julie & Julia

  1. Jeanie~~~~

    You could write a magazine…..and call it …”Hard to believe it’s not a sin.” Man you made my mouth water. Dad and I love vegetables with a passion now and often sautee’ different ones with a meal. None of mine would even come close to what
    you wrote about. Girl~~`You could be pullin’in the bucks. Some day you gotta start writin’ —workin’ for yourself.
    Love you Babe. ~~~~~Mom

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