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Time-travel movies are plentiful and I’ve just seen a new one I really like!

I have made a list {quelle surprise} of time-travel movies I generally like. There are soooooooo many out there, but I am not all Science-fiction/Fantasy loving. So, my husband will say I have left off at least 50% of the “really good ones.” But it is my list, in no particular order. Maybe you’ve seen some of these, too?

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life – Well, I mean. George Bailey. He gets to travel back in time and see life as it would have been without him. If you’re ever feeling sorry for yourself or thinking your life doesn’t matter, this movie brings perspective. One of my all-time favorite movies ever!
  2. The Lake House (2006) – I totally, romantically like this movie even though it stars Keanu Reeves (cute, but not a fav actor) with Sandra Bullock (who is wonderful). However, though I have seen it countless times, I still don’t totally get how they did it. There are things still hanging up in the air for me about the storyline. But I choose to suspend disbelief and let my heart get woozy by the fact that, though living two years apart, they carry on a romance via letters they leave in a mailbox by the lake.  How cute is that? Words on paper, people! I love letters…Plus the dancing scene with Paul McCartney singing in the background. Oh, yes!
  3. Groundhog Day (1993) – This movie actually makes me nuts, because if you have seen it once, you have seen it a couple dozen times, if you know what I mean. But Bill Murray is pretty awesome in it and everyone should see it once or…20 times, whichever. All the same.
  4. Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) – The classic Dicken’s story is at its’ finest when the Muppets are involved. Don’t judge me.
  5. The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) – This movie. This movie.  Well, I wanted to adore it and I sort of did, but I have to admit to my confusion, too. When his wife sneaks out to go have sex with him in another time so she can get pregnant and he is jealous when she returns that she went to have sex with him when he didn’t want her to – well, you can see my dilemma. Confused. But I have the book (my mother, of all people, gave it to me) and maybe I’ll read it and understand it better?
  6. Back to the Future (1985) – Probably the most successful time travel movie ever, don’t you think? Michael J. Fox was amazing and engaging, as he tends to be. Just a classic.  Reminds me that it’s time to share it with my grand-boys.
  7. Somewhere in Time  (1980) – Heavy on the beauty, a period piece  set in the early 1900s and thick with romance starring the very young and totally gorgeous Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour.  It is a tragic story, death by heartbreak. I don’t know if I’ll ever watch it again.
  8. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) – This is the only Star-Trek type movie I ever liked. It was funny, with the original TV cast saving the whales. My Star-Trek loving husband was happy I connected to it and I still quote it frequently. “Computer? Com-puter???”
  9. Frequency  (2000)- A Science Fiction THRILLER, it thrills, for real! And has Dennis Quaid, which is some kind of wonderful. I have to admit, I do not totally get this whole storyline, either, but there is this father-son relationship-thing that is so sweet. Really good watch.
  10. Field of Dreams (1989) – Oh my goodness – I almost forgot this one. Kevin Costner + baseball = YES! An all-time favorite movie of mine because of summer and baseball and Iowa and dead baseball players showing back up. I love when the Kevin-character takes a walk in a small town and meets “Doc.” SEE IT!

I just found a new one for the list: About Time (2013)

Domhnall Gleeson and Bill Nighy in About Time

“A new funny film about love. With a bit of time travel.”

about time the movie promo

I love it.  I LOVE it. The actual travel mechanism/storyline is the least sophisticated, easiest explanation ever and is more of a sweet twist to the story rather than a huge thing to be explained. Rachel McAdams, who was, indeed, The Time Traveler’s actual wife is in this and though I thought I’d find it problematic, it wasn’t. It is totally its’ own story, which is sweet and full of love and caring and relationship and gentle joy-of-life and watching over people you love and letting go when it’s time.  See the trailer:

The whole cast is endearing, the music is FANTASTIC and the greater message is so right on.

I’ve tried to live every day as if it was the final day of my extraordinary ordinary life. -About Time

Here is one of the songs I loved.

 Oh see it, really! About Time.

3 thoughts on “It’s About Time

  1. Somewhere in Time… one of my all time favorites. Heartbreaking, but so beautiful, too. Plus, there is just no piece of music on the planet quite as poignant to me as Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. Still tugs the heartstrings and it’s been a long time since I last saw that one. Adding It’s About Time to the list.

  2. When I started reading the list I was thinking that you better have Frequency on there! One of my all time favorite movies – such a good one:) And – the Time Traveler’s Wife? Really? I didn’t like it. Too much confusion and weirdness. Maybe the book is much better. Can’t wait to see About Time.

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