It’s a Red-Tomato Day

It has happened:

July 15, 2009, yesterday, there they were: two small, red, Oregon Spring tomatoes.  I was feeding the straw bales and they just appeared.

I wasn’t expecting anything from that tomato plant because it seems to have stayed so small, stocky, but compact.  However, upon re-reading the tag that came with it this morning, I see that it is quite determinate and needs no staking, but produces mature fruit within 60 days (it has been in the straw bale for about 6 weeks, so, of course).  So heads up for you patio gardeners: Oregon Spring= good choice.

tomato-day-7-15-082 tomato-day-7-15-083

But anyway, my point?  I have bacon in the fridge and two lovely tomatoes on my counter.  It is a sign from God that I can go on.

In other tomato news:

 reunion-prep-0671 tomato-day-7-15-0803

The upside-down tomato thing/project/experiment I am trying is going ok, I think.  The plant is definitely growing and seems, actually to be thriving in its’ protected locale.  Pictured above: the night it was first placed and then the two-week picture from last week (today would be three weeks, no picture yet).  I noticed yesterday it has a good little bunch of flowers, aka future tomatoes, on it.  I just have to remember to water it.  Geesh. (That is a Roma and a tomatillo residing below in straw)

Misc. Garden Updates:

Some nasty worms have descended upon and are chowing down on all my petunia buds leaving quite the trail of poo-poo behind, yet I cannot find and destroy them.  Grrrrrr…..And the sugar snaps are keeping me snacking daily for the past two weeks.  Not enough to share yet. ; )

Playing in dirt is good for the soul…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Check the carrots and discipline the cukes.

4 thoughts on “It’s a Red-Tomato Day

  1. AHHHH! You lucky gal! My tomatoes are five feet tall and lots of green ones on them but none of them have turned red. :( I look daily in hopes to bit into one. Maybe I should pluck off a few green ones and have fried green tomatoes. I’ve alway wanted to try them that way.

    1. Fried greens are great…tho I usually wait until fall when there is danger of frost, because I want all the red juicies I can get!

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