It was just late on a Monday afternoon

Monday.  October 28.

I  just went out to the yard and thought: what a mess.  So much garden clean-up needs done and there are leaves to be raked, but really?  I kinda like it.  I thought it was pretty.  This are the scenes that caught my eye around the yard and out the doors…

Late October 1

The late afternoon was slipping into early evening, the foliage letting loose of its blazing, glorious hold.

Late October 004 Late October 005  The Scented Geranium is blushing.Late October 007  Hello, St. Francis.  Happy All Saints Day.Late October 010 Late October 011   Burning bush.  Burning away.Late October 012

“Some one” took “my” potted mums, **ahem.  Tara.  ;)Late October 014

Leaves.  Who wants to come and rake?

Late October 006

This is just in one tiny, suburban yard.  Just think what the rest of the world holds out there!  Go.  Find.  ENJOY!  :)  Have a great weekend!

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