It Had to Happen


9 News/KUSA – A large snow storm will cause blizzard conditions to develop around Denver and over much of northeastern Colorado on Thursday.

 A BLIZZARD WARNING is in effect through 6am on Friday for Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and all of northeastern Colorado.

Following a nearly snowless winter season, we will finally get some moisture.  Can’t wait to see my grass in a few days!  So far, though, it is not living up to last night’s newcast hype.  Not quite the raging devil we’d been told.  But, they say we could get 12″…we’ll see?

5 thoughts on “It Had to Happen

  1. I’m hoping for at least a foot! This is what Spring is all about. And you are right, we so need it. Looking forward to breaking out the sleds as well. Enjoy the blizzard…I hope!

    1. Oh, yeah! It looks like my husband, who is teaching in the Springs today, will be getting off at noon. They are closing the church at noon. Everybody is getting a “snow day” so we’re heading to the Chinese buffet, baby! And it is coming down harder now…:)

  2. I don’t get a snow day!!! My job is stupid! I better not get stuck here….that would make this the worst day of my life! arg…:)

    1. At least you have food and toilet paper there, honeybunch. But I hope this IS the worst day of your life! Because I want ALL your days to be wonderful.
      always. XXXOOO

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