In the Spring of Fields

SW Missouri.

Visiting the mamala and the papala with two of my sweets, Tara and Tredessa.  Avoiding Branson on Memorial Day weekend, though I do want to do Sight and Sound’s Noah’s Ark show soon, and maybe tour the “Titanic.”  Just not THIS time.

I plan to drive my new car home.  $795.  Oh, yeah, baby.  {just dreaming}

I will strap Tara’s new tub on the top of my car.

Tara is THRIVING on the humidity and believes she was born for it.  Ay-yi-yi!

It took us awhile to get this right.



Mom and dad (grandma and grandpa) took us to their favorite Chinese/Mongolian restaurant.  It IS good. 


Need a tub or shoeshine chair?  I know where to find them.

Just mom on her average grocery-shopping day.

Pretty junk.  Good prices. 


Tredessa hit the jackpot:  Her Knight in Shining Armor AND a perfect Director-of-Operations for Heaven Fest vehicle.  Vrooooom….watch out!


Beautiful morning in Springfield, MO.  Birds chirping, breeze blowing.  Swing swaying, sweet moments.  Home.

Even though I have never lived here, home is, at least partly, where mom and dad are.  Always.

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