In looooooooooooooooove

This is NOT a paid endorsement.  It will just seem like it.

It’s a virtual inspiration board (style file, mood board, clippings notebook: whatever you want to call it) where you neatly keep all the stuff and cool images you find that trip your trigger – make you happy – floats your boat – gives you THE idea.  Ah yes.  And the cool thing, it keeps the connection to the original source so you can find all the information again.

So, you know how you have all those websites struggling for air in your “favorites” folder?  Just go in now and pin them all to one of your inspiration boards :: by CATEGORY, glory-hallelujah, Thank-You, Jesus!!!   Then check all those picture folders you have of “house ideas,”  “things I want to do in the garden,” and stuff like that and TRY to find the original source again so you can pin that stuff, too.  Then be sure to FOLLOW me and I will follow you, too!

And wait until you see the cool stuff you can RE-PIN to your board from the people you follow, because they will have such cool stuff, you will remember why you adore them so!

I have a “Jeanie-green” board I just started because you know how I am when I see that color.

I have a “Goin’ to the Chapel” board because I have a daughter getting married in short order.

There is a “{REALLY} Good Eats” of things I have made or am absolutely going to make and no one can stop me, a “Sweet Dreams” board of bedrooms I find lovely and at the very least would like to take a nap in, and a board about all things organization, not to mention the first board I started, which is all words-words I love that move my heart.  Uh-huh.  You can make any board you want!!

I am in love with Pinterest. 

It IS a real, actual place (other than right here on my blog) to COLLAGE my THOUGHTS!  O, yes it is!

SO many creative people in the world.  And they are all out there finding the coolest stuff on the internet.  And they are pinning it to their boards and helping me find it it, too!

Know why I like it (in case all of the above isn’t enough)???  It is like looking through an amazing eye-candy kind of great-ideas-and-gorgeous-images magazine and then being able to put all the stuff I’d really ever use/want in a file with all of the information that I need to go with it available with the simple action of a keystroke.  Click.  Done.  Click.  Got it.  It is all there.  No muss, no fuss, no looking all over and trying to recall which website that stuff was on.

A peak at my boards in-the-making from my very own Pinterest page. 

Happy, head-over-heels **sigh.**

A B O U T ::

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  1. It’s like having every magazine you want at your disposal but no subsciption cost and no advertisements. Love, Love, Love.

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