If you could hear what I hear…

Do you hear what I hear?

The sun is shining bright.  All six of my grandbebes are in the backyard using their “outdoor” voices (loosely translated as “loud”), and they are playing, they tell me, “family.”

The trees are lit and sparkly in the sun, too and there are Nativity sets and Santa Claus’s everywhere.  Dave has been playing Bing on the stereo, for we want them to know the music that will stand the test of time at Christmas.

The house is festive and Christmas is just 18 days away.

But the sound I am loving is not the music, nor the bells of Christmas.  Not this morning.

It is the back door open wide and 6 little children I love like crazy just running like banshees and yelling and laughing and falling down and oops…some one did something that caused an abrupt moment of silence followed by, Oh noooo…but as suddenly as the break in the madness came, it dissipates into raucous laughter and banshee-running-hollering again.  Music to my ears.

And it sounds so good.  So very good.

Merry Christmas, friends and familia! xxoo

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