I think, therefore, I blog…100 times now

I started this blog on November 29th of 2006 and I am hitting the "100 blogs" mark with this very post!  My first entry listed my top ten reasons for blogging (see here) and as I re-read them today, I think, yes, they are still basically my reasons.

The number one reason I wrote almost a year ago was that my mother would like it.  Just yesterday she read 3 of my recent posts, which were not necessarily very inspired or original and she e-mailed me about how wonderful they were…what a great writer I am…and wouldn't it be something if it was announced that I was the next great writing sensation?!  I'm not sure where they announce that kind of thing, but I'll be watching ABC World News Tonight a little more closely.  And yet, for all her deep love of my blog, my mom still hasn't learned to post a comment on it.  But I get nice emails.

Perhaps, however, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as blogging is still a mystery to me, I only learned about blogs in early 2004 and only visited the one I knew about when I got an email reminder.  Then my friend, Amanda of Imago Dei fame (http://www.mandikaye.com)  who by sheer determination in her search will certainly soon look in the mirror and see His very reflection and image, re-introduced me about a year and half ago to her 2 sites.  She is an award winning blogger and utilizes all the bells and whistles.  I'm a middle-aged woman who hates spellcheck and is afraid of any of the other options they give me here on WordPress, so I don't touch them.  I haven't figured out how to post a youtube video correctly and God forbid I should try to enlarge my font because when I hate it, as I usually do, it will NEVER go back.  What is WordPress trying to do to me??? 

I am still trying to be smart, hip and cool like all my blogging friends, though…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Make a list of appropriate 100-blog-celebration gifts in case anyone asks…Hmmmm…100 songs off Itunes, $100, 100 gallons of gas, 100 movie passes, 100 rolled tacos from Tacos Rapidos, 100 magazine subscriptions, 100…

9 thoughts on “I think, therefore, I blog…100 times now

  1. The 100th episode of anything is a big deal… 100th Seinfeld episode. 100th M*A*S*H episode. 100th episode of Hill Street Blues. 100th episode of Law and Order. 100th episode of the Simpsons. 100th blog of Jeanie Rhoades. All the Greats! 100 of anything is a lot. I live in a world that $100 is still a big deal to me! 100 kisses, mighty fine. 100 souls won for Christ! Even better. 100 Christmas presents! 100 miles to work! (I put more than that on each week!) 100 birthday candles! (one day) Writing 100 pages of one of my novels! (a third of the way through, act 1 just ending and then you'll be going into act 2, the 'the doorway of no return') 100. It's a nice round number. 4 25's. 10 10's. 20 5's. 100 1's.  100. 100 ways to say "I love you". 100 roses! That would be nice but expensive! 100?  Our first 100 days together back in 1981. Our first 100 month's together, around 1989. Let me see, you and I would have to live till around 122 years of age for us to be together for our 100th Wedding Anniversary! Wanna make history?????? I love you xxoo me (dave, her husband, for those of you who don't know:)

  2. Well, well…100 blogs…will this add unwanted pressure on #101 and beyond.  Is there life after blogging?  What is the shelf-life of a blog, anyway?  Would 100 blogs crossing the road at night be as messy as 100 frogs? … I was going to ask you 100 questions pertaining to blogs, but that would require more time that I have and more focus than my 'blogging' mind could handle.  So, I'll just say, ConBLOGerations! Sister!!!  I love your work. BruthaJoe

  3. You're in my top 100 best things to read! I posted my first ever blog. Don't know if its any good. I do know it didn't come out looking the way I typed it. oops. Still learning. Keep writing so I can keep learning! Love ya!

  4. 100 smiles to you!  Congrats on this milestone!  If it wouldn't clog up your "comment-ness" area, I would list 100 reasons why I'm glad you're my friend!  I love what you write – the insight you have refreshes my world so often and I am so glad you're a blogger…..so…..blog on and prosper!  :-)

  5. Since you have no new blog to read today, I'll just comment again on this old one.  I'd rather read yours than respond, but, fate hath demanded it!  And, what shall I say?  My blogger lies over the ocean?  Give me blogs or give me death?  Bogging at last!  Blogging at last!  Praise God, Almighty, You're blogging at last!? 

  6.  Your 100th blog wow,what a coincidence this is my 100th obnoxious comment. I wonder if theres a connection? Just kidding, I love your blog, I check it almost every morning hoping that there is some new wisdom to glean from you.

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