I may or may not be up to a little project

The grandbebes are here!

Poor Amelie Belle wasn’t feeling quite up to joining to party.  And Malakai stopped by just to say hello.  But the first five have sufficient personality to fill the house, nonetheless.
Poppa’s 1960s electronic football, the hair train (the grand-girls lining up to fix each other’s hair, then trading around), then the hair train including the boys (they love getting their hair fixed, although I am probably not supposed to say it).  Lunch was flurry of soups, macaroni & cheese, with oyster crackers and french-fried onions for crunch, and juicy pink grapefruit.  Cookies for everybody!  Drawing class with poppa, dance party to Hunter’s Capital Kings CD, running and jumping through the house, playing with Sandy-the-Dog, painting the antique door window panes with temperas (they’ll wash right off when I am ready, but right now, I shall keep the masterpiece as a memory).  Afternoon popcorn and their traditional viewing of a couple of Gilligan’s Island episodes (much to my chagrin), more hair train time, Nonna taking head-shots for updated silhouettes, running around out in the yard like banshees for a while, playing dress up, more popcorn, hey-let’s break out the giant coloring books…this is a good few hours (a “free day” Gavin called it) with the amazing grand-girls and boys!  Love them.

Me:  Guini, remember when you used to do pre-school here with me?

Guini:  Yes.

Me: We never get Guini-Nonna time like that anymore.  I really miss hanging out with you.

Guini: Well, I don’t have school Monday.  I’m available to come over around 11 o’clock for lunch, just you and me.  How about that?

Well, now that is a great idea!

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