I hear angels singing praises

Remember that song from the 1980s Hosanna! Integrity’s music???

Oh, I loved singing it.  And I just found myself singing it a few minutes ago as I am glittering up 3 sets of angel wings for a certain Nativity photo shoot this Saturday.  There are sparkles everywhere!

I hear angels singing praises,

I see men from every nation

bowing down before the throne

Like the sound of many waters,

like a rushing wind around us

Multitudes join the song

And a  symphony of praise arises

Tears are washed away from eyes

as men from every tongue and tribe all sing

Holy, holy, God almighty

Who Was, who IS and Is to come

All the angels are crying holy to the Lamb who sits upon the throne.

I think I love this song so much because I was 4 when I first {heard} the songs of Heaven and {saw} the multitudes in the Spirit.  And sometimes I still do.  Call me crazy, but as soon as my breath returns when I hear it (awe-awe-awe), I sing along.

From 2010:

It’s Christmastime.  And the angels are STILL singing!

The old song: http://youtu.be/uFU1VcF1w_c

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