I have OPENING NIGHT Jitters…and I’m not even in the play!

TONIGHT!  And Tomorrow Night at 7:00 pm..



I *HAVE* to thank Chantell Hinkle for taking the solo for me!


With a grandbebe’s birth and Christmas things to do, and working, well…I just thank her from the bottom of my heart!  She’ll be singing a song I used to sing every Christmas at malls and airports and schools and churches from the early 1980s on, “Merry Christmas with Love,”  by Sandi Patty.  I KNOW she will be amazing!!!


The FIRST FIVE grandbebes are in the production, which is so cool.

They even got headshots done for the lobby board!  Gavin and Hunter are both part of the principal cast.  I cannot wait to see them!

Small Size-3 HUNTER  "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" Small Size-4  "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" Small Size-11  "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" Small Size-14  "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" Small Size-22  "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!"or th

ALSO – an INTERMISSION band that is so crazy good and they also just so happen to be my kids, but they are REALLY good either way!  :)

These peeps:

Rocky Rhoades and the Family

+ this one = GOOD STUFF!

dp  "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!"  Callback theater company


"Jesus, Mary and Joseph!"

So exciting!  Several of my besties are in the cast!  Music, dancing, laugh-out-loud funny, I’ve been told.  I haven’t actually seen it yet, but the rumors are out there.  :)  Plus heartwarming and some Christmas magic – how can you lose?  I am so proud of my talented husband, the infamous Dave Rhoades, who wrote it (he is a great character-writer!), and is directing and acting in it and all of the WONDERFUL cast and crew who make it all come together so I don’t have to, haha!


Merry Christmas and God bless America!

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