How to Live

This post has been hanging out in drafts since October 20, 2008.  I occasionally just get a bug to make a list to live by.  This was one of those I just never finished.  It is just a whole mess of thoughts I was stringing together, hoping to write about…What is on YOUR list?

I like lists.

How then shall we live?

Living for the love

  • the best motivation
  • for the love of God
  • for the love of my family
  • FOR the love

Living for the joy

  • enduring {whatever obstacle-situation-circumstance that emerges} for the prize ahead, the joy set before me
  • watching for joy, looking for it
  • creating joy
  • His joy, my strength
  • like there is no tomorrow

Living with…

  • confidence {I am redeemed}
  • authenticity {I am His}

Living by faith…

  • In peace…
  • Hidden in Christ…
  • In the Presence…
  • Renewing my mind…


  • so I can know He is God
  • so I can know the rest of God  – yes, both the Sabbath rest He invites us into and the rest of who He is, all His secrets…“The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them.” Ps. 25.14 NIV)

Empty, full

  • More of Jesus, less of me
  • Poured out in service; yet satisfied, content

Simple and honest.  Un-entangled.

Talk about a “collage-of-thoughts.”  :)

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