How is it possible…


How is it possible that I still occasionally bite my tongue when I have been chewing regularly, lo, these many years?



I started shaving my legs when I was 11, not so much because I needed to, but because I thought I was ready to be a woman.  But?  I knicked myself shaving today.  What the – ?



You’d think it would be unlikely to be in bed doing work on the laptop, fall asleep and have your treasured machinery bust your lip.  But you’d be wrong.  I have done this.  Twice.  By the way-if you want that full, pouty lip look for an upcoming soiree, this is an effective way to go, short of collagen injections.


{Per plex ation}



But the worst?  I cracked my tooth with a glass of water.  I have been drinking from cups since, like, 1960.  What on earth???

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