Holy matrimony, Batman!

44 days.  FOURTY-FOUR days!


Interesting how many little details still need attended to even though Tredessa and Ryan have decided to have a tiny, intimate family wedding and a small happily-ever-after-dinner-and-dance celebration following.  Two large families = still almost 100 people and a thousand details.

  • Dress – drop-dead stunningly gorgeous on  my little girl!  {check!}
  • Cute little church, where they will whimsically and reverently speak the vows that begin their new life together  {check!}
  • Cute little barn loft where two families will become one giant family and eat and drink and be merry with the newly marrieds  {check!}
  • Lots of amazing brothers and sisters and lifelong friends as attendants  {check!}
  • Family as witnesses:: parents and grandparents and aunts and uncle and cousins – bunches will be  there  {check!}
  • Singing. laughing, crying – followed by awkward, but enthusiastic dancing {check!}
  • HONEYmooooooooooon!  Oh, baby!  {check!}

If we’d invited everyone we love like fam and all our good friends, they wouldn’t be able to marry until 2013 – because it would take us that long to be able to get ready and there’d have been hundredssssssssssssss of people.  Ryan and Dessa are LOVED.  And they were just not open to waiting that long.  Because of the, ya know, HONEYmooooooooooon!  *smile.

So, small-family-wedding, it is.

They do have a website::


Stories, pictures, a place where you can suggest music for the wedding and reception.  There is a blog they are calling He Said//She Said* and they will answer posed (perhaps even imposed) questions to see how their answers line up…or don’t, just for fun.

Check it out and cheer them on!

Ryan + Tredessa = true love and kisses and lots of kids (more grandbebes for me!!)

Oh…and if you are on Facebook, Tredessa posted a video from their Florida trip, where she went to meet his wonderful family.  They were out in the blue, blue ocean and Ryan caught – – – a SHARK!  Yikeronis!Ryan catching his shark.

Tredessa just watching Ryan catch his shark.

In the golf cart heading out to hunt for alligators on the Florida trip.

4 thoughts on “Holy matrimony, Batman!

  1. Thanks for posting this, momma! And even more…thank you for doing our wedding blog. You’re just too good at blogs to not take advantage of your talent. Thank you for making this day more special than I could have imagined. Love you!

  2. Gosh the time it going by so fast. Just remember my good friend, if you need help in ANY way Im just a phone call away!!! xxoo! ;)

  3. If Joe has Friday after Thanksgiving off, then I think we are going to make the trek. Hoping it all works out that way.

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