Hey, Sweet-Pea


Peas are the gardener’s candy.  Early on in my gardening experimentation I loved the early morning visit to grab some pods, pop them open and snack on the the green little balls.  Mmmmm.  I used to grow both regular peas and Snow Peas for stir-fry.  Then I discovered Sugar Snaps. 

They. Are. Wonderful!  They are the best of both pea-worlds.  You can eat the little peas or the pod or both.  And they are sweet, inside and out, upside-down and all around.  SWEET!  Crisp and crunchy!  Succulent!

“Give peas a chance.”

You can eat them right off the vine or take them in to dip in hummus or dressing.  You can chop them in cold salads or stir fry for breakfast (because waiting until dinner just doesn’t work for me)!  You can pick them when they are young and still pretty flat or when they have rounded and plumped out and you can actually see the round peas inside the pod.

If you forget to grab them and they get too big, you can de-string them or just pop the peas out like you would with a traditional pea.

Eat more peas, please.

  • Try stir-frying them with garlic in olive oil
  • Or in a flavored oil like walnut or sesame.
  • Steam them and toss with hot pasta in cream.
  • Have them in your favorite vinegairette with fresh mozarella or cucumber slices.
  • Eat them in wild rice with almonds.

Peas out.

How corny am I?  Well, pretty corny.  Obviously.

Pictured:  A tiny sampling of some peas I grew.  And then ate.  But had the good sense to photograph first.  O, but wait…there are more, YES!

5 thoughts on “Hey, Sweet-Pea

    1. The thing about peas is ~ you grow them early and green beans late. Peas can be planted in late March and will withstand some snow and even light freezing. The green beans shouldn’t be planted until after Mother’s Day in Colorado, so, you can have both if you want! I am!

  1. I was very late getting my first ever snap peas in a pot but they are growing. Next year I will remember that I can put them in early in the spring. The worse part is…when I eat them, my mouth and ears itch like crazy. Such a bummer.

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