Hey, Stormie Dae! Love ya, Birthday Girl!

The baby is { 2 5 } today!  Twenty. Five.

Forever my baby.  Born on “tax day” (finally, the day was redeemed) and during a freak ice storm in Sioux City, Iowa.  She was a big baby, even though we were total vegan at the time.  And she was born to applause because the doctor, at the teaching hospital there, was so impressed with how well Dave and I were handling the labor process (I’d been through it…a few times, very recently, actually).  He asked more than once if they could bring the students and interns in to observe us.  I said no several times, but when it got to the “really fun” part, my defenses were  low and when I said yes, the room filled with 20+ observers who cheered us on and affirmed our expertise in baby making and birthing.

But even though she arrived center stage, the star of the show, and though she holds the position as baby-of-the-family, Stormie has never been the “typical” version of that.  She was never an “absent-minded, friendly manipulator with a craving for the spotlight and everyone’s rapt attention,” those things commonly used to describe her birth order ranking.

Stormie Dae, born with a headful of dark hair, just entered the family quietly and sweetly, enthralled by all the activity in a home with 4 older siblings, 1 1/2, almost 3, almost 4 and almost 7 years of age (that’s right: 5 kids in less than 7 years).  She brought joy and a certain sweetness.  She got her daddy’s personlity: easy-going, peaceful, servant-hearted and deeply loving.  She got his dimples, too.  And she won my heart.

Today, Stormie Dae, I thought I’d give you words

Because words and song are how I show my love.  So when I started listing my words, I couldn’t get Michael Buble’s song “Everything” out of my head, so it was hard not to turn this into a song-lyric-poen thing, but maybe that is as it should be.  Because, “You Took My Heart by Surprise” and since the day you came I have wanted to be “Close to You.”  But maybe none of this means anything since I have also been singing Stephen Bishop’s “Save it for a Rainy Day” for 3 days now, too?   

And etc.  {a mom is allowed to be corny on her baby’s birthday}

But I mean these words.  And I could have gone on.  Yes, I could have. But I ran out of space…

You may need to open another screen to see all 50 or 75 of them?

created at www.picnik.com (just plopped lots of words with 3 different fonts onto a photo from Stormie’s (and Steph’s) www.maydae.com blog

Love you, sweet-pea.  So proud of you.  Happy Birthday.

12 thoughts on “Hey, Stormie Dae! Love ya, Birthday Girl!

  1. Thanks Momma:) So BLESSED to be born into this family – and do I really take THAT many photos of myself lately? Geez!!

  2. I think she is amazing. I wish I had the talent, creativity and style in her PINKY FINGER! I would be happy with that! But really, she is such a beauty, a complete beauty. Happy birthday to you, Stormie!

  3. Yeah for Stormie Dae! The world is definitely a brighter place with her presence. Love ya, Stormie! …and Jeanie, so thankful for the way God has blessed your life with Stormie and all of your kiddos and grandbebes! Soak it all up!

  4. Storm I love how surprised you were with the pictures of yourself… But you must keep taking them b/c I miss your beautiful face! Love you, my bestest La Prima! Happy Birthday!

  5. Stormie Dae, the ” … well-yes-I-am-pregnant-but-that’s-not-why-I-called” baby. :) Having babies what somewhat common in your Mom’s life at the time, and her pregnancy with you was not the first thing she mentioned when she called me at my dorm room that day in 1986. But, YOU are not common. Nor was the preciousness of your addition to the family lost on any of us! We are so thankful for you! Happy birthday!!!

    1. Oh, Tami – wow. I am horrible. Ooooohhhhh, what a terrible way to communicate my news. Oh well. In my defense, I didn’t know her yet. If I had known how amazing she’d be….

  6. Oooo, bearer of the Birthday Girl! You are NOT horrible! -I didn’t mean it to sound like that! :) Actually, at the time, I think I just figured you thought I had already heard the great news from Mom and Dad or something. So, Stormie, here’s the rest of the story … we were all so poor and could rarely call each other back in the days of the 25 cents/minute Ma Bell monopoly on long distance, so I get this call from my sister — what a thrill! Something must be going on! She starts talking to me about something or other and I say, “Oh, I figured you had called to tell me you were pregnant again!” as was the annual custom. (he he) Thus the famous answer. Too cute! :)

  7. Stormie!! I love you SO MUCH!!! I am FOR you…. I pray for you, I am thankful for you, I am happy for you, and I’m rooting for you! You are the BOMB, sista O’ mine!!! :)

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