Hello, Sunny Days…

Hiya, sweet breath of spring with blue skies and a few puffy clouds.  You tempt and entice me with your wicked ways and words.  Balmy breezes float through my open door.  Your sun sizzles and makes me bare my feet and roll down my windows letting the wind whip my hair.  You’ve sent birds to serenade me, you’ve wooed me with your warmth.  In turn, I am wrapping myself in bright yellows, corals and lime greens to celebrate this heady, hot and sunlight-kissed morning.

But you won’t stay, will you?  Forecast for tomorrow?  More cold and snowy rain.

Spring is a tease.

1 thought on “Hello, Sunny Days…

  1. When is the first day of spring anyway? I’ve looked on three different calendars. Is it not happening this year? Tragic!

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