So, growing up in a TV-less home for almost 6 of my very formative years, I was often found, past dark when I had to come inside, poring over the 1940s pictorial encyclopedias some one had given my parents.  Don’t let the word pictorial make you see visions of amazing eye-candy style books.  No – there were thousands and thousands of words and some grainy, black and white drawings or photos at best.

But nonetheless, I found it all very interesting and was especially thrilled when my dad bought a giant 3-volume dictionary set which had basic languages included in an appendix – French, Spanish, Italian, among several other languages like German, Dutch and Swedish.  “Buongiorno, il mio amore,” I was rather fixated on Italian.

Ahoy would have made it all very different.

So, um, yea-I actually DO visit Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com fairly regularly.  Of course I do.  And I L-O-V-E the cool stuff you pick up there, like how we came to say “Hello” when some one calls us.

I just watched the episode of Downton Abbey where they got a phone in the house.  Delightful.  You may click on the yellow telephone above to find out all about it.

Telephone synonyms: call, buzz, contact, dial, get on the horn, give a jingle, give a ring, make a call, phone, pick-up, put a call through, touch base with

There you go – fun stuff to know!

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