Heaven Fest, They Came

Heaven Fest thanks

“If you build it, they will come,” from the movie Field of Dreams, is one of my favorite lines ever.   We worked and labored, we sweat and even cried a little, we planned and double-checked everything we could think of.   But near the day you wonder: will anyone actually come?

Heaven Fest ’08.

The  gates opened at 10 am and the people started pouring in, and pouring in, and pouring in.   There were cars as far as the eye could see on the east and on the west and the south.    They just kept coming.   We ran out of wristbands and had to make a quick run for more.   By late afternoon, according to Front Gate, it looked like we had over 12,000 on the grounds.   And still, cars were arriving.

I am at a loss to know how to describe the things that happened.

Amazing ministry went on at 7 different stages.   Worship filled the air everywhere you turned.   Diversity, all colors and races, the straight-laced with hands raised next to the multiple-pierced and tatooed with giant spiked hair.   Urbanity and suburbanity seeking God side by side. It was a “field of dreams.”   It was built.   And God came.

Many made a decision to follow Jesus.   300 responded to the altar call by Seventh Day Slumber alone.   Almost 60 people were baptized.   It was very hot when an elder in the Body of Christ worried that people would burn and began to pray.   Soon, right over the festival grounds, but nowhere else, it seemed, a giant cloud-canopy showed up and provided protection.   People were in awe.

There is so much to say, I barely know where to begin, so I’ll let this be the beginning.   These are the three things I am praising God for today:

  1. For His favor on this event and for showing up.
  2. For all the miraculous provision – the stories of which are still pouring in.
  3. For the people with whom I got to work, the ones I knew before and the ones I met through this experience, but especially the staff, my ones: Dave and Tara, Luke and Tredessa.

There will be more, I assure you…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Recall, remember and write for posterity.




3 thoughts on “Heaven Fest, They Came

  1. Jeanie, I have been IMPATIENTLY WAITING to hear every juicy tidbit on Heaven Fest and all that happened and is happening and will yet come to pass because of this amazing day…I googled Heaven Fest yesterday to find that there are myspace pages and articles all over the web about the coming of Heaven Fest…Sadly to my NE beach wearied eyes I saw nothing of what took place, but I knew BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that I could count on you to be one of the first to give me morsels! Thanks my friend, I wait with baited breath for every little bit.

    I am already in tears over the multitude (I knew they would come), but that is way AWESOME to hear of that many souls coming, and I know that 12,000 lives represented is probably an estimate. Thank you so much father for all that has taken place for the lost, thank you Lord for the countless hours of preparation, tears, investment, sacrifice, love and hard work that your kids, poured into this event. thank you God for coming & doing a mighty work on behalf of your bride. May the waves continue to ripple out over the surrounding communities and lives of those you’ve already won for your kingdom~May your Glory shine brighter and brighter as the days go on and may word spread of the AMAZING things you’ve done for your children. Praise the King!

  2. I saw the clouds also. At first it looked like a thunderstorm was brewing but it broke down into what looked like fingers to me. They appeared to stretch right over the main stage. I’m glad I was there to see it. I was glad to be able to serve in the modest way I did.

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