Heaven Fest, Picture It

A quick sampling of Heaven Fest through the lense.   Thanks to my good friend and HF Media Director, Kori Verspohl, for the sneak peek!



And the day is just getting started!


We were all shaking our heads: they heard – they came.   They actually showed up!



This sepia has got to be one of my favorites.   You can see the cloud cover we got from the sun, almost feel the movement of worship toward heaven.

My son-in-law, Dave (the heart of the festival), praying with a Skillet guy

Your Kingdom come, Lord

Your will be done

On earth – as it is heaven!


The nameless, faceless band at Main Event?   Not nameless, nor faceless in heaven, nor to their mama!   My kiddos: Dave and Tara, Steph and Tris, Rocky and Stormie, along with Dan and Marianna (we’ve grafted them in to the family), Louis (Proxy) and Tammy  and about 30 of their closest, praying friends!

The enemy has been defeated

Death couldn’t hold You down

We’re gonna lift our voice in victory

We’re gonna make our praises loud!

 Note:   I have already written about Heaven Fest, here (where I tell how I got here, as well as what happened personally for me there) and here…

PS – on my operating system, at least, if you click on the picture, you get an enlarged look!

6 thoughts on “Heaven Fest, Picture It

  1. Incredible time!
    It makes me tear up just looking and remembering and I was in the ice cream tent most of the time!
    To think, not only do I know the people that let God move in such a way, but that I am related to most of them, humbles me…
    You did an awesome thing my children!

    “What we do in this life, echoes in eternity…”
    I know that was from Gladiator but where do you think the writer drew the concept????
    I love you all,
    And Luke, you too, even though you aren’t “technically” my kid! You had a vision and ran with it!!!!:)

  2. The hungry hearts, the cry out, WOW! It causes such a stirring in me, I can only weep. Oh, the way these hearts must have touched God’s.

  3. I must say I think you found the pick of the litter pics! I love these shots….thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful God day!

  4. what an awesome sight~~~~~~
    Hands raised — hearts looking Heavenward.
    Changes being made in the lives of so many.
    Wow.! Wish I could have been there.
    I loved the Sepia too. God Bless you all.
    P.S.–Wish I could have
    visited Dave’s Snak shack.
    Love ~~~~Mom

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