Heaven Fest and the Church, big “C”


So, Worship and the Word Movement, the ministry led by Dave and Tara Powers (my very cool and anointed kids) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3).  The national artists and bands, my son-in-law is fond of saying,are  a piece of meat on a stick.  We are working to get the Body of Christ together in one place under one name for the purpose of making that name glorious!  And because together?  All of us?  We can impact the world for Jesus!  www.worshipandtheword.com

Contrary to the way some may see it, this isn’t some huge operation full of glitz and glamour.  It is a handful of incredible-hearted people GIVING their time and talent because we have chosen to go on this exciting Kingdom-mission together.  This whole sha-bang is volunteer-powered and  run on the sacrificial sweat and strength of godly people.  They have become my family.  This is what Body life is supposed to look like!


Left: Jen getting those sign-ups; Middle, not posed, really!  Right, Stephanie and her materials lists

And what I L-O-V-E the most?  We have leadership from tons of different local churches.  And churches, local congregations big and small, have opened their doors to us to have “Heaven Fest Sundays.”  These are just cool opportunities to disperse information about Heaven Fest, sign-up volunteers for the day of (we’ll have 1600 this year!) and collect donated items – everything from Kleenex to generators – loaned or outright given (we don’t accept loans on Kleenex, tho…that must be given outright, please ;p ).  


This past Sunday we were at Northern Hills Church, our very own HF birthing room and incubator, the safe spot Heaven Fest began in 2008: 70 bands on 7 stages on 70 acres = 12,500 people…then again a year later with 23,000 (!!).  It is home.  It’s “our” church.  And even though Heaven Fest is moving to a new location this year (Union Reservoir in Longmont), HF will always love and continue to partner with NHC.  That is a given! 


The cafe: an exciting place to be on a Sunday morning.

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