Heaven in Denver!


What Heaven Fest is gonna look like:

  • The Name of Jesus, the Name above all names, worshiped and exalted
  • 5000+ non-Christian guests
  • 1000+ receiving Jesus Christ as Savior
  • 5000+ FREE tickets are being distributed to the under-privileged in the metro-area
  • A focus on getting sponsors for 150+ Compassion International kids
  • $50,000 to be raised and dondated to the homeless through "The Cardboard Campout"
  • 1000+ people will be bussed in from the inner city who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend
  • $50,000+ raised for The Home of Refuge orphanages
  • 15,000+ in attendance
  • Jeremy Camp, Skillet, Seventh Day Slumber, Bradley Hathaway, and more
  • Skateboarding demos, comedy, workshops, dj-led worship, and more
  • 7 stages, 70+ artists, 70 acres, 12 hours, not-for-profit!

See www.heavenfest.com for tickets: $29, or whatever you can afford!

Sponsors, vendors, volunteers – wanna get involved?  Contact me: jeanie@worshipandtheword.com

1 thought on “Heaven in Denver!

  1. Praying for all of this and excited because I know God's name will be made famous across the 70 acres where Heavenfest will take place and that it will start a stirring as God's grace and His message spill into other communities as those who attend and participate carry the excitment back to their homes, families, friends and communities!  Praise God!  Anyone not considering attending, please reconsider!  Come and soak it in OR come and serve!  I'll be there for sure!

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