He Lives

I was once dead in my sin/guilt/shame, fully living out a life of me-first, but Jesus Christ made me alive in Him through His death, burial and resurrection and forgave all my sin!  He actually wiped out/obliterated the requirements the law had made against me, which just so glaringly exposed my failure and complete inability to find righteousness within myself.  He took those things and nailed them to His cross.  He won for me. (adapted from Colossians 3.13-15)

The apostles who walked with Jesus Christ in His day saw Him risen.  They saw Him with their own eyes.  I have seen Him with the eyes of my heart.  Thomas, doubting, was allowed to touch the actual nail-scarred, ripped and wounded flesh of His hands after He had died and then rose on the third day as He had promised.  Jesus has touched the gaping wounds I have had, He has ransomed me from lifeless existance.  He lives.  He lives in me.

Happy Easter, the highest and holiest of days for those of the household of faith…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Take up the cross daily and die to self. 

Note to my friends: This video – watch it to the end – it shows you what Jesus Christ has done for you and for me! http://www.godtube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ee73e63418003b47d7d5


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