Happy Birthday, Tristan!

Read Tristan’s birthday post from last year here.   I bawled when I wrote it and he may have sniffled a bit when he read it.   We’ll keep it cool this year.

Today Tristan, my first son-in-law ever, turns 28!

Happy Birthday, Tristan, superb son-in-law and waaaaay above average husband to my daughter, Stephanie.   Happy Birthday to you as we celebrate your life represented by faithfulness and trustworthiness in all you do.   Happy Day to a Hoosier who chose rightly to live in Colorado, for it set up a chain of events that made you one of us, a blessing we regularly praise God for!   Blessed and glorious Day of Remembrance for us all as we stop to honor you and the life you lead!

Tristan is a rare find.   Unassuming and humble, you might not notice genius in the room or divine the depth of talent and creativity, nor the well of of knowledge and intelligence if you were passing through a  space with him in it.   You  could be near and yet   miss the wry twinkle of a quiet, but wicked sense of humor, or fail to see the deep thoughtfulness about the powerful issues of the day in politics, religion, worldview.

No.    One might pass Tristan and see a kind person, a quiet man gently playing with his 3 children or engaged in a conversation with family or friends.   A person might say, “Doesn’t he play the drums?”   And not even realize that he is truly one of the best around, sought after by the best musicians, not only at drums, but at all instruments.   You might just see the best of him: an incredible and loving husband and devoted father, and still not get to see the rest of him.

But we, his family, are blessed.   We are blessed to see the giant of a man he is.   Tris is the big-brother of the fam, now.   He is some one we all trust and our go-to guy about anything and everything that ails us.   He knows our secrets, our faults and our failures, and yet, can be trusted with that information.   You cannot buy that kind of character or love.   He is a gift.   We are blessed.


So, today, Tristan, I bless you and I thank God for you.   These are the gifts I want you to open today and throughout this next year:

Grace to you, Tristan, and peace.   Be blessed with provision through your giftings and abilities, both the technological and the artistic-musician sides.   I pray that resources make themselves available and that your resourcefulness will become an even greater and valued comodity!

May you be preserved in blamelessness your whole life long.   May your beautiful wife bring you joy and your children, great delight.   May God hear all your prayers and your secret heart’s desires and answer   you in times of trouble.  

I pray that, while should it ever fall my lot –  I would defend you to the death, may the Lord be your defender and protector and  may He keep you safe on every side.  

I pray that you, planted firmly by living waters, will begin to see the fruitfulness of your faithfulness before God and that this next year will bring blessing on every side, provision, new opportunities and new open spaces.   I pray that we’ll see the explosion of the color of you all around,  for this new time and place and new year for you and you family.  

I am so pleased with you as my daughter’s husband and as the father of my 3 beautiful grandchildren.   They are the proof of the man you are.   I am so pleased to call you son, and thankful to your parents for sharing.   I am so blessed you were born to be a part of us.   I love you wholeheartedly, Tristan!

Happy Birthday, cherished one…Your very own (and hopefully not dreaded)  m-i-l   :)

NOTE TO SELF:   Make Tris a drum cake next year.

pictured: Tristan in the Hershey store in Times Square on a recent family vacation; Guini helping Tris open his presents yesterday; Tris and my other amazing son-in-law!

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Tristan!

  1. Happy Birthday, Tris!! It seems like just yesterday that you were only 27. Oh wait…
    I love you wholeheartedly and “Amen!” everything mom said. You are one of a kind and a man of God that I look up to. I’m always blessed to have you around and am so deeply grateful for how you love my sister and for giving me such a wonderful nephew and nieces. I need your wisdom, your quick wit and gentleness. I love you, big brother. I pray for a wonderful year!


  3. My Tristan – Happy Birthday! I wholeheartedly agree with everything Mom wrote about you;o) You are the best husband around – there are none that can rise above you!
    My favorite things:

    You are FUNNY – you make me laugh every day!
    You let me win arguments.
    You give our children your utmost attention and love.
    You are a musical genius.
    You are the best gift giver ever – you always surprise me!
    You forgive me every time I screw up.
    You make the best ice cream cones.
    You cook delicious food.
    You change diapers and put the kids to bed.
    You work so hard to provide for us.
    You are a great listener.
    You love me!

    There is so much more that I love about you, but that is all for now;o)
    I love you Tristan!

  4. Happy Birthday Tristan!!! I know it was yesterday…but now this makes 3 days in a row that I’ve told you happy birthday!
    Ditto to what mom said! I just wanted to tell you again how much I really appreciate you taking the time to give me lessons, I am honored to be your student, my master:)
    Also, I cherish the early morning drives to church(although they kinda suck) because I get to hang out with you. You are the best!

  5. Happy Birthday Tristan! You are one amazing young man. A man that I am please to say my son look’s up to. I must agree with everything Jeanie has said! May God continue to bless you and to bless all of us with your presence.
    p.s. What a great day to be born on and a great day to be married on too. Your birthday will be easy to remember, It is our Anniversary.

  6. Hey Brother
    Happy birthday! I couldn’t be more honored that we’re family. I remember doing a bible study with you at Wendys in Northglenn along time ago and thinking that if one of my sisters doesn’t marry you that, that would suck! You are the coolest guy I know, I tryed to dress like you and play musically like you do, but I can’t, haha. But anyway I love you alot and it still blows my mind that we’re brothers. I keep thinking that some day it’s going to end and forget that it’s not going to!!
    Hip, hip, hooray!
    Love you dude

  7. Tristonian!
    You are one of those people that I love to see when I walk into a room because there is something of safety about you. A quiet yet passionate temperament. Thank you for being my brother even though that may not be the easiest thing to do all of the time. I hold a little bit of pride knowing the best drummer that ever lived. The Lord is working with me on that…=) Love you little brother. ;)

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