Happy Birthday to the World’s Best Daughter-in-Love EVER!

Happy Birthday, Jovan.

You have my son.  You have my two adorable grand-girls, Averi and Amelie and another little Rhoades grandbebe on the way.  You have a lovely home and family and sweet spirit and you have my heart.  Now have another HAPPY BIRTHDAY, too!!!

I actually started this blog when you and Rocky were just newlyweds and so you are integral to the history, a part of every family story in recent days and a kindly receiver of the old history, which makes me happy.

There is some question: is Amelie picking?  Or still asking you to keep Baby-Rhoades a secret???

You’re a good daughter, Jovan.  You are attentive to family tradition and the wiles and ways of getting so many {more} sisters when you took Rocky as your husband and ended up in this bright constellation of characters almost as numerous as the stars in the sky!  Thank-you, by the way, for your continuing contributions to our bunch.  We love them one and all.

I, Jovan, take, thee, Rocky…and your mom and dad and Tara and her family, and Stephanie and hers.  And I take Tredessa and commit to helping her find a husband, too (since you and I are jumping the birth order for marriage – it is my reasonable service).  And I take Stormie and all that will someday be of her.  And add you all to my big, Italian family.  Amen.

So for your birthday this year, I have gone back to see what I have had to say about you for all these years.  And here is some of what I say {and believe} about you, Birthday-Girl:

2011 {CLICK to see original post}

I made you a “card” to try to capture some words that would express how much I love you.  I always run out of space, because the words come easy.

You turned 25 and here is what I said,

“On an All Hallow’d Eve’ so long ago, a day usually draped in black and night, a light was born.  Twenty-five years ago today, to be exact, a reflector of the love of Jesus Christ was born and the world can never again be as dark as it once was.  Shine on, sweet girl, godly woman, and gift-of-a-daughter you are.”


2010   I recognized your light

And I just remembered: it was the first time I ever put words on a photo.  I was obviously quite timid about it in 2010, but a year later – not so much.  Haha.

2009   I used your middle name. Jovan Marie DiPerna Rhoades!

This is the year I sang you the song that I used to sing to Rocky and his little sisters about praying for the love of their lives even when they were just little-bitty babies in my arms.  And I wrote a list of 23 things for your 23rd birthday.

Here are numbers 11 & 12, but I also still really like #3, #6 and #22, as I have seen God totally do these things in you!

  • My wish for you is to find your own beat and to be unapologetic about marching to it.
  • Jovan, I hope you will understand that you were called to us and will never be afraid to change us and impact us.  That is why you’re here

Read the comments, too.  Grandma Moslander left a sweet one.  Lots of good ones!

2008  The year I wrote prayer-gifts out for you

And God answers prayer.   The proof is in re-reading these and knowing He has been sooooooo faithful!

  • Fearlessness in the battle.  There is an enemy, Jovan.  He will fight you for your family.  But to be forewarned is to be for-armed.  God looked through all eternity and knew He could trust you for this job.  You are gentle, yes.  You are careful not to run over people’s toes.  But I also see the warrior spirit in you – absolutely aware at every turn where the battle lines are drawn.  I pray for God to be your shield of protection and your deliverer.  I pray He will give you the needed courage at the right times and that you will have no fear – because you are not alone!
  • The joy of the Lord for the strength you need.  I am praying for an outpouring of an abundance of clear, sparkling, life-giving rain to wash over your heart and mind.  I pray you will be known as one who laughs right our loud in the face of danger!  I pray that you will have everything Jesus promised in the area of joy: complete joy, and a full measure of His joy.  I pray you get so much joy – it will splash on everyone else! (Ps 28.7; Ps 4.7; Jn 18.11; Jn 16.24; Jn 17.13)

2007  The story of how you and Rocky came to be

From the mother-in-law’s perspective, the first year I began writing birthday tributes to my children and theirs.

She is an impressive girl, or I guess I should say “woman.”  She is just so pretty and has the most exotic eyes (eyelash length: 1.769 inches long).

AND this was year you were pregnant with Averi and I made you a Barbie-doll cake because she had always wanted one.  I still get emails from all over the world about that cake and people wondering how to re-create it.  :)

Yep, it is official.  I want you to have a happy-happy-happy birthday every single year.

Love you bunches.  Grateful for your prayers and love.  Love watching you be all you were born to be.  Happy birthday, sweet girl!  LOVE, mom!  xxoo

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  1. Wow!!!!! This was beautiful to look back on!! How did I get so lucky to have a mom in law like you??!! You are soooo amazing, encouraging and loving!! Thank you for this blog post and the many before this!! I love you!!!

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