Happy Birthday to our first-ever son-in-law: Tristan!

Tristan-Tristan-Tristan, another birthday

…and you not only haven’t aged in the 12+ years we’ve known you, you may actually be getting younger.  :)

tris cool guy

But throughout the course of these years and the love that abides and the joy we have that you swept Stephanie off her feet so many years ago (and keep wooing her even now) and how that love has grown rather than diminished even in these days of love so easily let-go and then to see you father so beautifully and carefully the three, well, these things show us that while you look as young as an early summer day, you are indeed growing in wisdom and becoming a man of influence to be admired and emulated.

tris sunglasses

Weren’t we the lucky ones that God sent you our way?  What a blessing you have been, time and again.  What a whole new slant you brought with you that has challenged us and grown us and taught us all some new things along the way.  How perfect that you were born in Indiana and Stephanie was born there, too, not far away and so you had some common roots, some like values and God was snickering in heaven that no matter which direction you went, and which direction she would go, you’d run right into each other and be a young man destined to be one of us, and us, part of you!!!  So fortuitous, so divine.

We thank God for this.

tris and kids

I was pondering the preposterous story of Noah the other day, how one quiet guy (I assume he was quiet, for he quickly got to work on the project God had given him rather than spending time in organizational meetings or trying to gather a crowd to help) caught God’s eye.

But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord. (Genesis 6).

And could anyone look at the life you are leading, see the adoration in the eyes of your children for their beloved daddy and the passion with which Stephanie loves you and has become even more dazzlingly beautiful because of and by your love for her, and not know you have found favor?  Could anyone doubt that favor when Stephanie’s brothers and sisters look to you for guidance on all things technical, or musically related or raising children, or graphics and web design and on and on (and we won’t even delve in to what the in-law-parents need from you!), and you are seen as a trustworthy and fair and true and honest and faithful man?

Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.

So, yes.  I see the favor of God on you, His smile on your life.  Mine, too.  Which doesn’t mean nearly so much, but to have your mother-in-law feel as much love and gratitude as I do, well, not everyone in the world can say they have that!  :)

He was a righteous man.

tris and steph

Here are 5 things I like about you

  1. You like interesting food and are not afraid to try new things.  And you are teaching your children to like new things – that is an incredible feat in this day and age!
  2. You don’t mind being the occasional male model for Stephanie’s website and even though you aren’t one of those guys who seems to think a lot about his hair products or the latest trends, you do pull off looking like the guys they hire and pay lots of $$ to during fashion week in New York.  You might wanna look in to that.  Side job.
  3. You are teaching my grandchildren to play music.  They always surprise me when they display their talents.  Then I’m like, “Oh, yea – they are Stephanie and Tristan’s kids.”  Of course!
  4. That you keep developing your craft.  I love that you wanted a drum lesson from another amazing drummer when we know you are the most amazing drummer we already know.
  5. You have asked me for landscaping and gardening advice.  Aaaaaaawwww….thank-you.  I can never imagine that I have much to offer, but thank-you for asking.

He was blameless among the people of his time.

So, I wanted to say I bless you, on the occasion of your 33rd birthday (a few days ago, now).  I bless you with continued favor and the smile of God on your life.  I pray for increased wisdom and insight into your life as a father and husband.  I pray your insight into parenting grows as quickly as the kids are growing.  I pray for your business to be increased and for you to be presented with wide, open spaces of time to pursue music and creativity and for unbelievable opportunities (things you didn’t even know possible) to present themselves to you in short order!  I am asking God to answer your prayers and send you help when you call and to establish the work of your hands and for all you have sown to become abundance, fruitfulness and plenty right away!  I pray this year will be like no other and a surprise and a blessing and a reward for all your steady steps and hard work through the years.  Because He does reward those who diligently seek Him!

He walked faithfully with God.

tris drums

It seems a little crazy and maybe flood-related to be talking about Noah while all of Colorado is battling flash-flooding and an over-abundance of rain, but I had been pondering this and making notes about it last week – while it was still sizzling hot and wearisome.  But  that is how it is – one foot in front of the other, preparedness, faithful in the little things, day in and day out: these are the things that make you the very cool, trustworthy man you are.  Noah built when others weren’t.  He built when it seemed futile.  He built before it seemed needed…would it ever be needed?

Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.

You’re the blessed kind of person that people will always look to when the flood waters rise because they’ll know you have God’s favor and they’ll know you were looking ahead and making ready.  I admire you for it.

I thank God for you.  I celebrate your life and all the good things to come.  You have my love and deep respect.  {mom}

all photos by Stephanie www.maydae.com  :)

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