Happy Birthday to my Husband!

Dave is 50 today!  He took the day off and we hung out.  Then the kids and grandkids and Elise (except for Dave and Tara who are traveling the great northwest right now) popped over for tortellini and some Wii tournaments.  Gavin is an amazing bowler!  I am 68 years old according to the Wii fitness thingy.  If Stormie hadn’t sabotaged me, I’d have been younger. *smile….


Half a century ago, you were born with nothing and no one to call your own, my honey.  Who could’ve known what was in your future?  Happy Birthday, David Allen Rhoades!

We are all yours, truly…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: I am the luckiest woman.  I am blessed.

Dave’s previous birthday posts for this landmark celebration (I appreciate your kind indulgence, dear readers):

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Husband!

  1. Just HAD to tell you that I am an 18 year old acording to Wii today! But a few days ago I was 56. Whatever! Don’t you just love the little noise it makes when you step on the board? Stupid Wii!

  2. Happy Birthday dad!!! I love you!!

    …and I wouldn’t call laughing while you were doing wii fitness “sabotage” :)

  3. Happy Birthday, pops! Love you so much and you really don’t look or at 50. You’re young at heart….50 isn’t even that old anyway! If you were 80, then we might have to call you elderly :)

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