Happy Birthday, Rock-Bo

Oh, Rocky Rhoades, you crack me up

You are so intense, so serious, so zealous about whatever your cause.  But you are also still the silliest and can make me laugh at the drop of a hat.  Oh, boy of joy, your mama loves you.  Like a rock, as Paul Simon sang.

You arrived to a houseful of girls and dolls and stuffed animals and fit right in, as depicted here.

By the time you came, we were resigned to all girls, which would have balanced things quite nicely, thank-you very much, but wow-o-wow, we were sure glad to get our little boy.  You upset every fruit basket in your wake, scaled every wall and swung from every ceiling.  You were the little ever-so-slightly-naughty who kept all three of your big sisters chasing you down, trying to make you behave, to very little avail.

And you still manage to be the quintessential “little brother” to the older three and Stormie, too, somehow.  And like I have always told you, you were all the boy and the only boy God knew I could ever need, let alone handle.

I love you bunches and love how God is blessing you and your beautiful family: the gorgeous Jovan (a wonderful wife to you for 6 years now), and those two sweet baby girls, Averi and Amelie, and now a new little one on the way (a “little Rocky” or another “sweet Jovan,” either way, we win!).

This morning on your birthday, I love you so much, I am re-reading all the great stuff I have said to you or about you for your birthdays on this blog.  Here are the highlights from 2011 back to 2007.  If you ever need to know how I really feel about you, the depth of my love, I feel like I express my true heart best when I write – so go back and read and accept these blessing words as truth for you and about you.  You are a good boy who became a great man.  And I love you so…

2011, I tried to fit words about you onto one, small photo (click on the year to see the original post)

What do I SEE when I look at you?  Well? my word-collage photo card tried to capture those things.  But I know there is so much more…

2010, a man I admire

I told the story of God revealing to me that you were both a David (like the Psalmist and your given name) and a Peter (upon this rock of revelation).  God’s assurance was so welcome…and true.  :)  And in 2010 I said,

…before me stands a man, an honorable and good man.  He is rugged and handsome, he is gentle and humble.  He loves his beautiful wife and he dotes on his little daughters, and they sure do love their daddy.  He is strong and gifted, capable, yet unpretentious.  You are turning out, Rocky Rhoades.  You have turned out to be a wonderful man!  Your mama loves you – can you tell?

And I looked forward to the things God was starting in you with the lyrics from “Rain Down.”  Now you’re all wet!  So cool!

2009, you turned 25 and we DID surprise you!


I listed 25 wishes for then. I am still wishing and praying all of it for you and love how God has been answering these things.  Like this one:

I wish for you a band of strong brothers-in-the Lord: men who have your heart and your passion to fight the battles with you, like-hearted warriors you can trust.

Songs of healing…soon.

2008, a mom’s prayers for her son

I pray that your voice will be heard.  Sunday, as you led worship in The River, I was so impressed at how you communicate a song’s truth.  That is different than just singing it.  I know you know that.  It is what has set you apart and given you a place of leading people into God’s presence through worship.  But I know, oh how I know, there is more.  There is so much more.  There is an amazing power to communicate the deep truths of God, almost ready to be birthed.  You stand at the precipice, you defer to others more seasoned.  And that is OK for now, but know – the time to speak, the time to speak out with boldness – is coming.  Don’t let your youthfulness cause you consternation in this.  Live it.  Then speak it when He says to.  And for the ears of the people to hear, for the hearts to receive…

I don’t pray that you will always be a “vocational” worship leader or a pastor, though you were born into a heritage of that calling and have been blessed to walk this path so young.  But I do pray you will always be a worshipper.  I pray that the song of the Lord will continue to grow in your heart until it cannot be contained and you are forced to pen the songs of heaven.  I pray that you will always minister to the Lord (with your song, your voice, your heart, your all), no matter where you are or what else you may ever do.  Worship Him, always, my sweet boy.  You were made to praise Him.

2007, when I was just getting started

I wrote about your birth, the surprise and the euphoria of it.  I told the story of how you got your crazy-famous name as “Rocky Rhoades.”  I wrote about “little Rocky.”  And I remembered your 18th birthday, when you finally went public with your worship and sang people into the Presence.

Isn’t this photo just peaceful and angelic?  Can’t you already just see the earnestness in his expression, the resolve to be God’s man?  Can you tell he was getting ready to have a poop-explosion that would ruin his white outfit and the photographer’s blankets and set?  Hahahahha!  Oh, he was.

When he was little, Rocky actually thought the cereal, the ice cream and the TV show by the same name were titled in his honor.  When he’d get away from in a store, you’d hear snickers throughout as the loudspeaker announcement declared: Rocky Rhoades, meet your parents at the Service Desk.  Rocky Rhoades, please come to the front.

You have made life fun.

Happy Birthday, Rocky and tons of blessing, too.  Love you with all my heart…don’t all these posts prove that?  :)  {mom}

At the Tristan/Rocky joint family party the other night. :)

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Rock-Bo

  1. Thanks Mom, this really does help me see how much you love me! Thanks for doing this, word’s of affirmation is one of my biggest love languages and this kind of thing blesses me a ton! I love you lots! :) Thanks for encouraging me!!!

    1. AND – remember when Wrex wrote you that song using the lyrics of “Rocky Mountain High?” I was thinking how appropriate for you they really were this year…
      “He was born in the summer of his 27th year
      Comin’ home to a place he’d never been before
      He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again
      You might say he found a key for every door…”

      All things new. LOVE YOU, my baby boy!

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