Happy Birthday, Luka!

Just for YOU, Luke Bodley!

I have NO IDEA who ANY of these people are, but when I googled “HaPPy BirthdAy, Luke,” they showed up.  SEE?  Everybody LOVES Luke Bodley – the great brains behind Heaven Fest!

And here is my card and it is almost right (30-2=28, which is really what you are).  So save it for 2 years, will you?

Seriously, Luke – you make life an adventure.  You make it crazy and adrenalin-filled.  In fact, it is so exciting and frightening hanging out with you and doing Heaven Fest, you have probably shaved 3 or 4 years off my life expectancy.  But what a ride!  Loving it.  Love you, too!


Dang!  I have gum in my mouth again.  But you look great in your purple shirt, Luka!

You are a genius, Luka.  I hope I live to see you become the crazy, eccentric billionaire you are destined to be!  “I knew him when…” I’ll say!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Luka!

  1. Happy Birthday, Luke! It’s been a wild ride these last few years. (I feel like I’m writing in a yearbook) I’m so blessed that the Lord brought you into my life to challenge me, make me laugh, take my crap and show me how you can actually live in the clouds and be successful. Who knew?:) Love you a ton, evil twin!:)

  2. Happy Birthday Luke Duke! Sometimes I wish I worked with all of you guys in the HF office so I could be in on all the fun with you…but some days I don’t wish that. ;)

  3. Luke, Dude…I don’t know who you are, but if my Sister thinks you’re okay then I say you’re okay too! Happy Birthday!

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