Happy Birthday, Hunter. You’re 5!

You did it!  You’re 5 now.  You are a big boy.  No question about it!


Hunter’s very first question to his mommy this morning was: Am I 5 now?  He has been anxiously awaiting this milestone.  For a few months he has told people who mention that he is 4, “I’m a big four,” not to be confused with some pre-schoolish-tyke in the ‘hood who was just a small or regular four.  Being five and being big are veeeeery important to my Hunter-Magoo!  I have never seen anyone want a birthday so bad!


Oh, I love you, you good-looking little blond-haired,green-eyed, stylin’, smarty-pants.  I love how you never. ever. forget. anything.  Usually.  Not so much how you accidentally changed the “Nonna is ten-times older than me” to “Nonna is ten-times bigger than me.”  That, I could do without.  But kid?  You make me laugh.  You make me smile.  You make me look at you really intently to see if you are the spitting image of your dad or of your mom.  Which is it?  You look and act and talk and walk and run  and play exactly like both of them!

But when we went to lunch the other day and you started licking your lips in anticipation of the corn dog that was on its’ way, Oh, you were your mommy through and through: excited about life!  Anticipating delicious food!  Yum!


Happy Birthday, Magoo.  I love your heart.  I love your strong opinions.  I love that you absolutely already know exactly what you’re going to do when you grow up (fly airplanes and help sick and poor people get to hospitals, as well as lead worship all over the world in many different languages).  I love that you question everything and know everybody.  I love that when you get a nice captive audience, like in the ladies’ bathroom on shopping trip  while you are waiting on mommy, you become a very vocal evangelist, loudly proclaiming to the women there that they shouldn’t love Target more than Jesus.  And all those imaginary friends you witness to and pray for?  Oh, kiddo, I bet you’re getting points in heaven for it!  You are going to win the whole wide world for Jesus if you get your way!

Happy happy days, Hunter.  You crack me up and fill my heart with love!…Nonna

NOTE TO SELF:  Fashion a cake for Hunter’s party.  Including the lightening bolts he has mentioned relentlessly for several months.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Hunter. You’re 5!

  1. Oh Hunter,
    I know you’ve been waiting for this birthday and I have not. I can’t believe you are 5!!! When I told you about the day you were born yesterday, it didn’t feel like it could possibly have been 5 years ago. You have made Mommy and Daddy’s life a wild, fun, full of laughter, crazy adventure and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Now can you stop growing up? =) Pretty please?

  2. Happy Birthday Hunter McFloozy!! I love you so much and still think it is so funny everytime you are at my house and I walk in, being greeted with “Stormie? What are YOU doing here?”..:)
    I hope you are feeling better buddy, no fun being sick on your birthday!

  3. My boy… you are an absolute joy to me!!! I LOVE that Jesus is making you into a leader, a man of powerful-life-giving words. A humble man who fears the Lord… I talk about you everywhere I go and tell people how cool I think you are! I love you son…


  4. Looking more and more like his daddy! You know, Hunter cannot help being as cool as he is–he has cool people as models… God-lovers and such! :)

  5. Happy 5th Birtday Hunter! My 1st and favorite memory of you was at your first family reunion as a baby. You filled my arms and heart when you let me rock you to sleep on a blanket in the grass. You are cool and big now, and still very enjoyed.

  6. Happy Birthday Hunter. ! ! !
    You are getting sooooo big.! Remember when you use to come to Great Grandma and Grandpa’s
    house in Butte Montana? I sure do—and every morning you’d sneak up the back stairs and you were ready for a big bowl of…Cinnimon toast crunch.? I miss those times so much.
    I remember one time when you accidently called me “Honey”…and I said “I Bet your Momma
    calls you” Honey, huh? and you said,so seriously—“No! My Daddy calls my Mommy,”Honey. I’m still smiling.! Love you my great and mighty hunter. Love Great Grandma and Grandpa.

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