Happy Birthday #2, Amelie Belle!

You’re my little Belle-Baby. 

2 cute!

2 Sweet.

You can’t be beat.

2 kisses will do

2 say I LOVE you!

You are a super-tiny little booger, o-yes-you-are!  The weight of a feather, but fast as a train, smart as whip and o-so- funny, my little comedienne!  You love your mommy and copy your daddy and the singing is sweet.  The singing is loud.  The singing is intense.  I love to hear you sing.

Hey, remember when you were one??  LOOK!


Here are some birthday Bible words for Y-O-U!

From Psalm 8:  Oh, Amelie Belle – the Lord, our LORD – how majestic is His name in all the earth!  He has even taught you, tiny little girl, to sing-sing-sing of His great strength and your song reaches the heavens and even silences God’s enemies and anyone who opposes His ways.  He has made you just a little lower than the angels and crowned you with glory and honor.  He has given you charge over everything He has made.

From Psalm 100.  So shout with joy to the Lord, Amelie Belle!  Worship Him with gladness and come before Him singing with joy.  Tell everybody you know that the Lord is God!  He made you, you belong to Him.  You are His little lamb!  So you can walk right into His gated meadowlands with a great big thankful heart!  And you can go into His palace rooms with songs of praise!  Thank Him everyday, sweet Amelie, and give Him praise because He is so good to you.  He will love you beyond the end of time as we know it.  That love will never fail.  Not ever. and He will still be doing all this good stuff even for your children and theirs.  Sing, little girl, sing!

SURE do love you, Amelie Belle!  xxoo {nonna}

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday #2, Amelie Belle!

  1. Awe……. This was adorable!! Thanks Mom for the love you have for our girls!!! They are blessed to have you as their Nonna!!! Love you!

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