Happy Anniversary, Tristan and Stephanie!

December 27, 2001


Two days after Christmas, eight years ago, Stephanie married Tristan.  The scene was Boulder Valley, with thousands and thousands of sparkling white lights, both inside the church and looking out over the Valley.  An upside-down white Christmas tree (you kinda had to be there) with a sunburst of draped lighting marked the central floor for lovers dancing.  Burgandy and winter white, food-laden tables and glittery woodland  centerpieces.  Lots of shimmery candles and traveling guests.  It was beautiful and rich, it was Old World and modern.  Stacks of cheesecakes instead of the usual bridal cake was the perfect compliment.  Steph was dazzling, Tristan handsome.  We could not have dreamed a better son-in-law for our little girl.  He was the first to “join” us, but who can remember life before him?


8 Years and 3 kids later…


What I loved most about the day they were married?  Tristan singing to Stephanie and watching her melt with adoration of him.  What I love the most since?  How they grow as a family and I still see Stephanie looking at Tristan the same way.  They are cute, creative, interdependent, sufficient, lovely and unique.  They are our kids and they’ve given us 3 of the 5 grandbebes.  We are blessed!


Happy Anniversary, Tristan and Stephanie.  Happy Anniversary and Love to the Kelley Family!

5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Tristan and Stephanie!

  1. Happy Anniversary, you two! Love you both so much and I’m SO glad to have Tris as my brother now. I look up to you both and hope when I get married, hopefully one day soon, that my marriage is as good as yours. Love you!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Tristan and Stephanie! Here’s to dozens more! :-) I love the example you set for others of a dedicated couple to each other and to the Lord and as parents! Way to go! Love you guys!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary…a couple days late! :)
    I love you both lots and am so glad we have had the last year to play and worship together on the same team, it is fun hanging out with you guys on a regular basis! Thanks for being such great siblings and parents, you are awesome!

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