Happy Anniversary, Tredessa and Ryan!

Two years!?!  Wow.

tredessa and ryan faaland wedding

It’s been two years since the beautiful, small, intimate, but huge-with-love-and-meaning wedding.  It was a lovely day and a beautiful night and the whole family, from near and far, from his and hers, chipped in and celebrated and served and rejoiced.

tredessa and ryan faaland 1

We got a new son.  Tredessa had waited a long time, doing Kingdom work, serving and working for God, waiting, waiting and then: Ryan.  Ryan?  He got a most amazing girl, our 3rd daughter – the best thing we could have shared with him.

tredessa and ryan faaland pregnant

Happy Anniversary, sweet ones.  What a lovely year you’re having.  Soon – the fruit of your love (due in 20 days!) and you are radiant, both of you.  You are wearing love well.  So well.

1 thought on “Happy Anniversary, Tredessa and Ryan!

  1. Thank you, Momma! Our wedding was so beautiful and so special and we know that it wouldn’t have been so without all of our amazing family making it so. We are deeply blessed and completely loved. Love you!

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