Happy Anniversary, Steph & Tris!

On the 2nd day of Christmas

12 days

Today is the celebration of 12 years of married love for Tristan and Stephanie!

They left us with three of the cutest kids yesterday and one small Tuppy-the-Puppy and it’s like we’re living in a sit-com over here…and it is only going to get MORE exciting when the rest of the grandbebes arrive over the next few hours for some fun after-Christmas fun.

steph and tris

Steph posted a snapshot after they got checked in for their romantic get-away

So have a wonderful celebration and fun, Steph and Tris because we are here (with your dog and the cutest K-kids!)!  :)


So – a house-full of grandbebes

And the weirdest thing is – I am sitting here watching my 11 1/2 month-old grand-boy, Kai, scroll through my iPhone camera roll sometimes with his forefinger, or more relaxed when he kicks back and thumbs through and I want to know HOW. ON. EARTH. this is possible?  I swear he was editing red-eye.  Ohmygosh!  :)

Here is a truth you can count on from the second day of Christmas and everyday since Christ came:

Jesus came into the world to save sinners and you can think you are the worst of the lot of them or really be the worst, but either way, your sin is no match for Jesus, our Savior.  See?  This is SUCH good news!  (1 Timothy 1.15)…No wonder the angels made so much noise in the sky when He was born!

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