Happy Anniversary, Matt & Elise

Elise-the-Niece got married two years ago this week.

I had always imagined getting to go make her a cake, but I didn’t get to be there.  *sniff  :(

bride and her father

The other day, I was looking through photographs on my computer and ran across some images Stormie snapped while in Aberdeen for the wedding.  I selected a few that are just tooooooo cute not to see.  These can be inspiration shots for other brides-to-be.

Her venue in Aberdeen S. Dakota

the venue

The sign (held by the cutie-patootie, Christiana ~ sister-of-the-bride)

the seating sign

The truck: it held the gifts!

wedding truck to hold gifts

orange truck

Brown-paper bag lanterns.

lanterns at wedding

paper-bag lanterns

The guest book table.

the guest book table

guests sign in here

While the wedding party got pictures…

elise and her girls

This one was from the actual photographer, of Elise and her maids.

reception Then the real celebration of love began…

So congratulations to Matt and Elise on two years of wedded bliss.

The P.S.

It was also Elise’s birthday this week.  AND their baby, the darling-adorable little Blake Matthew was dedicated to Jesus this past weekend.  He is 4 months of beauty and oh-so-beloved by all.  They are loved and highly favored by God and their Aunt Jeanie.


Love you, Elise, sweet niece, you and you familia!

3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Matt & Elise

  1. I LOVE it! This month- or weekend rather, was so full of love and people I love! Wish you could have been at our wedding too… But you can just bake me cakes every time I visit… How about that? Love you so much, Aunt Jeanie! Thanks for the sweet words and wishes!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Elise! I hated having to miss this as well. So cool to see your little family and how precious they are. Simply can’t wait to get my hands on Blake!!!

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