Happy 6th Anniversary, Rocky and Jovan

Happy Anniversary, you two!  Where have 6 years gone?

It was blue and very classic black and o-so-hip and the hottest party in town.  It was 2 chocolate fountains and bubbles and crazy-fun dancing and an electric blue Mustang for the getaway.  There was a 5 tier cake almost 3 feet high and thousands of twinkle lights backlighting a radiant bride and her handsome fella.  It was the sun setting and the nightlife lighting up and 2 huge families coming together to celebrate young love and a long-cherished dream come true.  There were promises that made us laugh and made us cry and a convivial feast spread across candlelit tables set with beautiful centerpieces on a lovely September evening.

Now here we are, 6 years and 2 gorgeous girls (and baby number three on the way), a first home, and a  new minivan later ~ beauty!

Love you.  Happy Anniversary!

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