Happy 6th Anniversary, DP + TP

Dave and Tara Powers were married 6 years and 2 days ago on September 13, 2003.  It was a good day, a very good day.  It was a day of blessing and rejoicing and recalling the great grace and faithfulness of God.  It was hot pink and pale yellow and a song Dave wrote for my beautiful daughter (part of which he sang in Italiano, o the romance!). There was poetry and joy.  Brothers and sisters lined the stage to witness the miraculous love before them.   It was babies in carriages and stained glass windows dazzlingly on fire as the sun set in the west.  It was thousands of tiny twinkle lights joining the canopy of a million stars in a crystal-clear sky, a 3-tier cake on a silver stand and boisterous laughter with joyful dancing.  It was a family gala, full of worship, a celebration of love and a smiling God.


My favorite part of the day they married?  They served communion to all their guests at the wedding to the song, “Pour My Love on You.”  My favorite part since (besides, Hunter, of course)?  They are still serving others daily, together in communion and community, Jesus Christ and all His redemption brought.  For each them is a powerhouuse of the love of God in their own right.  But together?  They set 10-thousands of angels to flight ministering to the household of faith!


Happy anniversary, Dave and Tara!  Love how you love each other, and everybody else….Mom

pictured:  In Puerto Rico, the top pic taken by DP; I believe the bottom one was taken by Hunter (what an eye!).

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! Sorry this is incredibly late on the blog…but I will remind you that I saw you on your anniversary and gave you good tidings:) I love you!

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