Happy 4th Birthday, Averikins!

FOUR kisses

Four hugs

Four winks

and four LOVES!

All for my little Averi-kins!

I love to hear you talk.  I love to hear you sing.  Your eyes are simply intoxicating.  I like it when you dance and arrange everything so perfectly.  You are Lucy (from the Peanuts comic strip; your name means “elf counselor” and you sure do like to give advice, o yes you do!) and you ever and always are my sugar-pie-honey-bunch!


Back by popular demand – last years’ birthday video (when she was just turning 3) by Averi and Nonna!

Here are some birthday Bible words for Y-O-U!

Remember, Averi-J, to faithfully pray to God

so you can always find Him;

God is your BEST hiding place;

and He will protect Averi from trouble

and surround her with songs of deliverance.

And God will instruct Averi and teach her the ways she should go;

And He will counsel Averi with His love – remember,

He is watching out for you, Averi!

Do not be like a naughty mule,

which has no understanding

and has to be controlled by bit and bridle

or it will not come to you.

Naughty people have lots and lots of troubles,

but the LORD’s unfailing love

surrounds you, Averi, when you trust in Him.

Rejoice (get up and do a happy dance) in the LORD

and be glad, you righteous little booger, you;

sing to God, Averi, because He has made your heart clean!

Psalm 32

Your Nonna L O V E S you!! 

Happy birthday!!


2 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday, Averikins!

  1. She is a doll. And looked just like a little 40’s girl in Dessa’s wedding photos. We love our little Averi. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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