Happy 1st Birthday, Averi Jayden Rhoades!

Today is Averi’s first birthday!


Was it a year ago already that we gathered at the hospital for hours and hours and hours waiting for you to arrive?  And when you waited until just about an hour before your “due date” to make your arrival – we cheered madly in the hallway and  sang praises for God’s gift!? Can it have been 365 days since I first layed eyes on your pretty little face and teared up watching you and your mommy looking at each other with the deepest human love possible?  Yes, it has been a year.  And now, we cannot even remember life before you!

All your cousins and aunts and uncles and Nonna and Poppa call you “Baby Averi,” and still delight to see you come through the door!  What will her hair look like today, we wonder?  Will it be mussy and full or in barrettes?  Will it be in a mature pony and better yet, two little pigtails?  The only thing bigger than your adorable hair are your two gigantic, liquid-blue eyes.  No wait, maybe those puffy, pink, kissable cheeks.  Yes-I think the cheeks first, then the eyes and then the hair.  You are the original love-marshmallow: soft and sweet and delicious and you smell wonderful!


I love to see you eating your veggies, chew, chew chew!  I love your tooth-revealing smile and crinkled nose.  I love singing “Averi-Baby” to you to the tune of “Pretty Baby” because you bounce and dance, loving your song.  I love how you rattle off stories and baby jokes to me and then rear back and push out that long, loud laugh!  You are a comedianne and you look just like your mommy except when you draw those eyebrows together in a scowl – then I see your daddy loud and clear!

Happy Birthday, Averi-Baby!  I love you bunches!…Nonna

NOTE TO SELF:  Watch all buttons on TVs and computers and anything tech because this is Averi’s passion right now!

pictured: Averi, all Averi…click on images for a better look

8 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, Averi Jayden Rhoades!

  1. Before fully reading this blog, I was going to tell you, baby girl, that you’re like a favorite type of candy to me…sweet and chunky. I see that everyone thinks you’re cute enough to gobble up. I love you, sweet Averi. Us women of thick, long hair have to stick together! Happy 1st Birthday!
    -Aunt Dessa

  2. Happy Birthday Averi baby!!! I have loved you from the first moment I saw you! Your gorgeous hair, your big blue eyes, your chunky little cheeks…I love you!

  3. Happy Happy Happy birthday!!!
    We all love you so much, and Gemma talks about you every day;o)
    I can’t wait for the next little Rockan to arrive…. ;o)

  4. Ahh my baby girl you’re 1!!!!! I get chocked up just thinking about it!!! It feels like I just had you!!! This cannot be! I love you my sweet baby girl and I thank the Lord everyday for such a healthy, beautiful, Godly, awesome, amazing little baby girl!!! I just Love you so much my little offspring!! haha!! You have my heart!

  5. Averi Jadyn. You still look like you could be sitting on the toy shelf for someone to purchase because of your exquisite beauty and yes, the cheeks. You will never hear the end of how much we love those cheeks and everything else that makes you lovely. Happy Birthday pretty baby. Love, Aunt Tara

  6. Yes, Happy Birthday to my little Averi.
    I agree with Tara, she could be sitting on a toy shelf somewhere…
    There’s a money making idea!
    Averi dolls!

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