Happy 11th Anniversary, Tristan and Stephanie!

Eleven beautiful years!  Well-done, you two!

I hope you never forget, Tristan, how pleased we were to get YOU as our first son by marriage.  I know it had to be terribly overwhelming to join this humongous, loud bunch, but we loved you instantly and thought you had amazing taste to marry our daughter!  I hope I have let you know often enough.  We do thank God for you.

And I hope you will never forget, Stephanie, how pleased we are with the choice you made and how you have chosen to love and grow with Tristan.  And are making a family of love.  We could not be prouder of the woman you are, and our daughter, too! It is all further proof of your keen sensibilities and superior perspicacity in so many many areas, including love and marriage.

You two chose well.  You have done well.  You are doing so well and we love you.

Congratulations on the 11th anniversary of the day of your marriage.  Be blessed with many, many more!

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