Guinivere Eden is 2 years old today!


If you can imagine cheeks that are softer and squishier than the Pillsbury dough-boy's tummy…

If you've ever touched spun angel's hair or encountered liquid blue eyes…

If you have heard the highest, liltiest voice in the world ask, "How's your day?"  Or answer a most delightful and engaging, "Yes!" to any number of questions (which I keep asking just so I can hear this beautiful sound over and over)…

If you've watched a bundle of ruffles and lace running daintily behind big brother, Gavin, and cousin, Hunter, and yet have the least possible interest in anything they are up to…

If you've seen a giggling, happy girl who has caught  some one "misbehaving"  suddenly stop in her tracks, furrow her brow, point her finger and with great authority declare, "No!  Time out!"…then surely you have met Guinivere.

Guini is our 3rd grandchild (3rd time IS a charm!), but was our first granddaughter, full of goodness and grace and girly above all.  "NO!  Let go!" is how she interprets my favorite Matt Redman song, "Oh, no, You never let go."  Guini makes the whole family smile. 


Happy birthday, my little Guini-muggins, our sweet princess.  You really are our own family royalty and we, mere pawns, are thrilled when you are passing by on important kingdom business but stop to hug and cuddle for a  moment and pat us on the back and let us know you love us.

You're two, now, princess.  Take advantage of it!

Love, Nonna

NOTE TO SELF:  Learn to say "yes" like Guini does – a lot more and with her unabashed enthusiasm!

0 thoughts on “Guinivere Eden is 2 years old today!

  1. My little Guini-muggins. You are the apple of PaPa's eye! I'm so glad that you came into this world and I love you more than you can possibly imagine. PaPa

  2. Guin Guin! My dollie…I love you baby girl. Happy birthday! It’s time to start teaching Gemma the ways of being a lady…it’s so nice, isn’t it? ;)

  3. Happy Birthday, Ninny-muggins!  You delight me in everything you do.  As you grow up, continue to be that loving, gentle girl that you are now.  I love you!

  4. Guini-the-pooh, You are a sheer delight! I do so love your high girly voice. It's so good to have a little princess that cracks us up and keeps the boys from ALWAYS wrestling. You are truly our baby girl!!!

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