Guini’s 3-tier Donut Cake

I love the little grandbebes.  The whole cake-making deal came from their sweet requests and imaginations.

Last year, Gavin had a donut volcano and this year, for her 7th birthday, Guini told me she wanted two things:  [1] donuts and [2] three great big tiers.

I really really really want that, she told me.

I figured there was a way to give her the tiers and the donuts.

I just took my everyday dishes out of the cupboard and stacked a bowl with a mini-casserole with a plate and then a coffee cup, another plate and another coffee cup and finally one last full-sized diner plate.

Since we were having breakfast with the fam and the donuts would be eaten quickly, I wasn’t really worried about the whole thing toppling, but just in case, I put some hot-glue dots on the rims of the coffee cups to “glue” it all together.  Because {little-known fact} when you put ceramic with hot glue into the freezer for  few minutes, the hot glue will pop right off, as if it was never there.

So voila!  An easy tiered donut holder that only took about 3 minutes to assemble.  It would probably work for cupcakes, too.

It took another 2 minutes to pile the donuts onto the plates and we were off to the races!

Guini loved it and that makes me happy.  We filled it with big, puffy yeast donuts and decorated cake donuts, too.  There were Crullers and Entenmann’s powdered sugar mini’s and the little chocolate-covered donuts, too.  We topped it with a Mexican pastry for color and to hold the candles.

Guinivere’s mommy and daddy fixed a lovely breakfast buffet for us all – to offset the dozens and dozens of donuts on hand.

It was a lovely way to start a Saturday morning, the whole familia there, except for Ryan, who had Guard this weekend.  All six of my adorable grandbebes celebrating 7 wonderful years of Guini-muggins.  We adore her!

Family is wonderful.

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