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 Robin is one of my favorite people in the entire world. And my sister-in-love.

Concerning New year’s Resolutions, Robin has decided to forgo the usual list of to-do lists to be tackled or goals to be mastered in exchange for pursuing the following:

Joy. I want to feel joy.

Moments. I want to ponder them.

Love. I want to love loving and not forget to do it.

Hope. I want to always hope because without it, the heart gets sick as the great book of Proverb says.

Stillness. I want to be still. Still enough to see the hurts of others, the milestones of my children, the twinkle in someone’s eye. Still enough to hear the voice of God.

Peace. Oh yes..the proverbial peace. But not world peace. It will never happen for the Bible tells me so (until that great day when the trump will sound). I want peace in this life that only Christ can give me as I really, really know and trust that He is the Keeper of my life. Those are the things I really want for my new year.

And one forever, encouraging thing about any new beginning is that we get them. I love new beginnings and I love even more that as long as I have breath, God’s mercies are new every morning. He gets it. He knew we would need a fresh start and so He tells us that it’s all ok with Him. Start fresh. Be renewed and free in the start of something new.

2 thoughts on “GUEST BLOGGER ~ Robin Thinks…

  1. Robin is the kind of person you can never get enough of in life. She is fun, present, trustworthy, real, and loved.

    1. Ah yes – and said so well by another one of my all-time favorite people…who just happens to be married to my brother, Dan! LOVE YOU, Dawn!

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