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In doing my post-HF pantry straightening and jotting a little grocery list, I started to feel pretty superior and a bit biggety about what I saw.  On the counter among ripening garden tomatoes and market avocados are fresh pineapple and gala apples.  The huge in-season peaches are luscious to the bite, but equally tasty fresh off the grill.  The fridge is full of zucchini, and cukes, lots of cilantro and garden dill.  Peppers are fruiting in every shape, size and color.  Assorted lettuces and cabbages are crisping for impromtu salads, and V-8 chills for a quick pick-me-up.

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Yes, I must confess to being a little puffed up about the 3rd-from-the-top pantry shelf on which I found brown rice, jasmine and even some Minnesota wild rice.  There was peanut butter, a wonderful protein and quick snack, along with sunflower seeds: both those in the shell and the “naked” variety.  A box of whole wheat penne sits next to a package of Maufu Rice Sticks.  There were raw and roasted almonds and a cannister of cashew halves.  A bag of plump pecans and a smaller bag of Cajun Nut Mix leaned against a produce carton of salted soy nuts.  For dessert?  Some Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice Trail Mix or some genuine Mountain Man Cherry Nut Mix.  I even have roasted Flax Seed, for crying out loud!

Lined up neatly on the same shelf:  All-Bran crackers, Low-Sodium Triscuits and a jar of Greek Kalamata Olives.

Wow.  Look at the good choices we have made, I muse.

Please, however, disregard all the empty take-out cartons in the trash (and fridge) and the Dr. Pepper and Pepsi cans and pizza boxes in the recycle container.  Oh – and that can of processed cheese-like spread-goop.  Yes. Please.   Just ignore those.

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  1. The Vigil house is all out of fresh produce, so I went to the store today, for a “few things” and came back with Mnt. Dew, oreos – double stuffed, and ice cream – no produce – I will attempt that task again tomorrow…

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